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Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2 release new features

Earlier I posted about creating First ASP.NET Core 3.0 App using Visual Studio 2019 Preview 1 release. Recently, Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2 was released with a couple of new features and lots of bug fixes. This short post talks about Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2 release new features related to the project file handling and running a console application.

Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2 release new features

You can download Visual Studio 2019 preview installer from here. Don’t worry. Visual Studio and Visual Studio “Preview” can be installed side-by-side on the same device. It will have no impact on your current stable VS installation.

First, let’s see the new features related to the project file handling.

  • With this release, you can preview the project file just via a single click. All you need to do is, single-click the project file to open the in a Preview tab.

    Visual Studio 2019 Single Click to Open Preview Tab for Project Files

  • To edit any .csproj file, we right-click on the project and click on Edit .csproj. With Visual Studio 2019, you can also edit the project file via a double-click. Just double-click a project node to open the project file.

    Visual Studio 2019 double Click to Open Project Files

  • Another one small feature is added to search the project file. Today, in a large project with multiple projects under a single solution, it’s a tedious job to search for a specific project file. With this release of Visual Studio 2019, you can find a project file by name with Go to All (ctrl + T).

    Visual Studio 2019 Search Project Files

  • You can now build a single project or folder using a new shortcut using Ctrl + B.

New Integrated Console experience

Today when we create a console application, we need to add Console.Read() or Console.ReadLine() at the end so that the console window remains open after the program is executed. But this is no longer needed now. You no longer need to add Console.Read() calls to your console apps. You can run the program via F5 or ctrl + F5. The new integrated console feature offers different experiences,

  • For F5, the console window will not automatically close when the app is finished executing.
  • For ctrl + F5, the console window will be re-used in subsequent runs of your app. You no longer need to close loads of console windows.

Visual Studio 2019 Integrated Console Environment

This is a default experience and if you want to opt-out this feature, you can do so by selecting the option under Tools > Options > Automatically close the console when debugging stops.

Visual Studio 2019 Turn off Integrated Console Environment

Other useful features

You can check the complete list of new features of Visual Studio 2019 preview 2 release here. There are 2 features worth mentioning here. The first is, Pull Member Up. This refactoring helps moving type members and implemented interfaces from a derived type up the inheritance hierarchy to a base type.

Visual Studio 2019 Pull Members

In case of multiple parameters for a method, alignment of method parameters makes code readable. Now, you can easily Wrap/indent/align lists of parameters/arguments for a method.

Visual Studio 2019 Wrap Parameters


The final version of Visual Studio 2019 should be out in Q2 of 2019 and both the preview releases of the new Visual Studio 2019 delivers a lot of great stuff and customization. There are many features to be excited about like the new look, IntelliCode, document health and code cleanup, faster debugging and live share. You can check the complete list of new features of Visual Studio 2019 preview 2 release here.

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